Dog Parvo Symptoms

Treatment of Dog Parvo

If you’re dog is unlucky enough to get parvo and you get to the vet in time, this post will give you a little bit of what to expect.
Honestly, there’s not much they can do. The true danger of parvo is dehydration and malnutrition, so that’s what the vet will focus on. Mostly [...]

Prevent Dog Parvo

Dog parvo prevention is really the same as rabies prevention; you just have to make sure your dog has all of their necessary vaccinations.
Vaccinations should start after the puppy is 6 to 8 weeks old. Up until that point, a puppy is typically protected against most sicknesses because its mother’s anti-bodies are still flowing [...]

Dog Parvo Intestinal Infection Causes and Symptoms

The intestinal form of dog parvo is the most common form. It’s contracted orally through infected feces, soil, etc.
After ingestion, the lymphatic system serves as the replicating point for the virus, particularly around the throat. The bloodstream is then infected, and the virus begins attacking other lymphatic cells, the intestines, and bone marrow.
This [...]

Background of Dog Parvo

If you’re like us, you probably fell in love with your puppy the very first time you looked at his/her tiny face. It’s hard to imagine anything happening to them.
Dog parvo, short for parvovirus, is one of the most serious illness a dog can contract, and it’s is especially deadly in puppies. And [...]

Can My Dog Get Parvo if Vaccinated?

Some dogs after they have received the Parvo vaccination still get the disease any way. The reason for this is that the virus has several different strains that seem to reinvent itself as soon as there is a vaccine for it. The veterinary community and physicians have been up to date on the changes and [...]

How Do Dogs Get Parvo?

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious viral disease that is found among dogs. The disease is considered to be the fastest spreading disease among dogs. It is often fatal. A vaccine to prevent Parvo is available through a veterinarian but doesn’t guarantee a dog won’t still contract the virus. Just the same as human vaccines, [...]

Do Puppies Have Health Issues After Parvo?

Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and serious disease in dogs. It can be fatal if not caught early and can affect dogs of all ages but puppies usually are the ones affected. Parvo causes enteritis in dogs. Enteritis occurs when the gastrointestinal tract gets infected; it is what makes this virus particularly dangerous for [...]

Have You Lost a Puppy to Parvo?

We created this site so you could be armed with all the information you need to protect your puppy from parvo. But sometimes its too late.
Sometimes you lose something you love.
Puppies die everyday from parvo. It sucks. If you have lost a puppy, know that you are not alone, and that your grief is not [...]