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About Me and My Dogs

My wife and I are dog lovers, pure and simple.  We have rescued 2 dogs from the Human Society, one a pit bull/lab mix, the other an Australian shepherd.  The pit bull is clumsy knucklehead, and the shepherd is a sneaky, agile pup.  They make our lives more…interesting, that’s for sure.  I started this site because it seemed a good thing to do.

Here are some pictures of our dogs.

Bauer the ferocious pit bull lab.

Pretty Kaiah the australian shepherd

Brother and sister standing together

My first dog growing up was an Old English sheep dog, which my parents bought just a week or two before I was born!  So we grew up together.  I found out later, however, that when he was a puppy, he got parvo, and only through the quick actions of my parents and the Vet was he saved.

Dog parvo is a very serious disease and needs to be caught early if you want your dog to have any chance of survival.  This site is to help raise awareness and help dog owners, especially of new puppies, to be on the lookout for dog parvo symptoms.

And some more of our dogs, just for good measure. And because they are precious. :)

Brother and sister dogs snuggling

Dogs on the couch


3 Responses to “About Me and My Dogs”

  1. Cesi on June 28th, 2009 10:49 pm

    Beautiful dogs, and yes I do have a story to tell. Let me gather some pictures to send to you and thank you for inspiration

  2. Angie Edwards on August 13th, 2009 3:20 am

    Last week 8-3-09 I had one of my six month old puppies die. 3 days later another one got sick thats when I first heard of parvo. So I typed in parvo symptoms and my dog online. That’s when I found this site. Thanks to this site I learned what I needed to know. By this time another puppy was sick. We could not afford to put a litter of puppies at the vet for them to try to save our dogs. But with your web site. I didn’t have too. I have spent many hours giving my puppies gatoraide with a medicine dropper and forcing down asprin, and pepto, with human antibiotics, I also order the Parvo-K which I received on 8-11-09 and I am now giving them that. And I prayed a lot. But yesterday my 6 year old daughter told me thanks for saving her puppy it was all worth it. So guess I want to say Thank You, with ALL the info I learned on your web site, and I believe Gods help too, my puppies are up and running around today. They have lost some weight but they are alive. And not mad at me for forcing that dropper in their mouth. Thank You so much for all the info you have on-line. Your site is bookmarked in my computer.

  3. Kayla a on October 11th, 2011 3:34 am

    Thank you so much, you’re information has really helped me see what kind of illness my baby boy could be facing, my little guy fell ill yesterday, the vet was closed so I had to wait until morning, he looked alot better. I kept him in my room and away from the other dogs for safe measure, but now he’s worse than before and again its too late to go to the vet. I really hope it isnt parvo but he’s showing all the symptoms that you listed. I’m taking him in first thing in the morning, hopefully its not too late if it is indeed parvo.